here and there is an art walk

the event poster revealed.

the event is just over a week away and today we’ve revealed the poster for the event.  it’s a minimum design so there is space to explore, like the event itself.

the times on the poster are a guide to when the art walk is officially open to be enjoyed.  the keen eyed readers amougst you will notice that the works will be in the parks outside of these times, however it’s likely no one will be there to talk to from the producers as we’ll be elsewhere resting and drinking tea.

the art walk isn’t a set route, hence the self guided aspect.  the poetry stone is a point of reference for visitors coming to the parks.  your own art walk begins where you find your first piece of work.

the inspired by woollen woods contributions have massively out numbered the art works so you’re in for a rare treat of colour and thought provoking work while strolling through the wonderful belper parks.  fingers crossed for the bluebells still being out come the event.



here and there is an art walk


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