i love the optimism in the word blossoming it’s symbolism and new growth at this time of year.

over on twitter the inspired by woollen woods part of the art walk continues to blossom in great abundance

the last in that trio references anne’s appearance on the aleena naylor breakfast show on bbc radio derby. anne was invited to speak about the inspired by woollen woods aspect of the project as it appealed to the broadcaster’s audience.  we were so chuffed for anne that she got onto the radio.  until mid may you can hear what anne had to say on the bbc iplayer.  goto about 2 hours and 38 minutes to hear the beginning of the section.

today i took myself and the dog into the parks for a lunch time walk


the dog is always too busy exploring the parks to be photographed!

the warmth on my back was divine

we strolled in an

amble dawdle kind of way.


i paused to take recreate a photo i’d taken back in january…

return to left or right

to the left...

at the time i was preparing the artist call out.  knowing how big the area was for the intended art walk we needed to attract artists to work with us to help create our dream.

we didn’t anticipate anne joining us and adding the inspired by woollen woods aspect.  i’m still amazed and thrilled by how much discussion there is on twitter about what’s being made and what has been made.  i love how the knitters and crochetters have not floundered at the thought of the site being open to the public for the entire duration and have embraced it and had needles whirling to create some very beautiful and colourful creations.



standing out

back in january we also didn’t ever imagine that we would be part of a big lunch extras regional roadshow event.  when we sat down for coffee with christine from big lunch extras little did i know that what i told her about the art walk would inspire her to bring part of her midlands event to belper.  the ironic thing being that before christmas she’d asked me for ideas of where to hold an event and i suggested the area of nottingham where the couple we’d met at the eden camp heralded from.  the roadshow will be in both places.


waiting for ...



wow ! i realise tonight that in a month’s time we’ll have set up the exhibits and be celebrating in musical styleee.

i’m looking forward to the submission deadline as we’ll know for certain what might be blossoming come the time when the art walk goes live….



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