here and there

the art walk took place over the bank holiday at the end of may and the good weather encouraged many to take a walk around the assembled collection of works. the theme of here and there spoke of how the work was set up and the self guided aspect of discovering what was within the overall area. estimates varied greatly as to how many people came to see the work as it was difficult to be there for the entire time it was installed.  our estimates varied from 300 to 600 people.

on show were the work of about 20 knitter and crocheters and three artists.



nesting (detail) by chris gray



shit bag (detail) by julian woodcock




intersection (detail) by andrew martyn sugars.


a visual tour of the art walk is available at:

shit bag an art work by julian woodcock

julian’s work continues a conversation

we invited julian woodcock to take part in the art walk to create a site specific work.  inspired by a moment while he walked his own dog, julian’s work has continued to generate conversation on twitter long after the walk has been packed away.

began with artist tim shore’s tweet from the art walk …


the conversation has trickled on since …

craft bombing in belper parks

today with anne clark we’ve been craft bombing in belper parks at the start of voluntary arts week and woollen woods going live around the country.

with anne we were promoting here and there and we spent a really relaxed morning in belper parks photographing some of the many donated knitted and crocheted creations to here and there.  while we worked we chatted to about 25 people who meandered through the parks.  there were lots of smiles and interest in the project was very high.

we took loads of photos and below are our favourites.

anne with ilkeston craftbomb

looking at bluebells

red squirrel

picture this

slowing down

picked strawberries

owl on branch

here and there with works inspired by woollen woods will be in the parks from 3pm to 3pm 23rd to 25th may.

get creative

the project has had an unexpected publicity boost via the bbc get creative website.  it’s because the bbc have picked up on the voluntary arts week happening 15th to 24th may.  voluntary arts is all about encouraging knitters and crocheters to brighten their community with fabulous knitted creations.   to add focus to this goal, voluntary arts came up with the theme inspired by woollen woods.

read more about it all on the bbc get creative website.

here and there is an art walk

the event poster revealed.

the event is just over a week away and today we’ve revealed the poster for the event.  it’s a minimum design so there is space to explore, like the event itself.

the times on the poster are a guide to when the art walk is officially open to be enjoyed.  the keen eyed readers amougst you will notice that the works will be in the parks outside of these times, however it’s likely no one will be there to talk to from the producers as we’ll be elsewhere resting and drinking tea.

the art walk isn’t a set route, hence the self guided aspect.  the poetry stone is a point of reference for visitors coming to the parks.  your own art walk begins where you find your first piece of work.

the inspired by woollen woods contributions have massively out numbered the art works so you’re in for a rare treat of colour and thought provoking work while strolling through the wonderful belper parks.  fingers crossed for the bluebells still being out come the event.



here and there is an art walk


i love the optimism in the word blossoming it’s symbolism and new growth at this time of year.

over on twitter the inspired by woollen woods part of the art walk continues to blossom in great abundance

the last in that trio references anne’s appearance on the aleena naylor breakfast show on bbc radio derby. anne was invited to speak about the inspired by woollen woods aspect of the project as it appealed to the broadcaster’s audience.  we were so chuffed for anne that she got onto the radio.  until mid may you can hear what anne had to say on the bbc iplayer.  goto about 2 hours and 38 minutes to hear the beginning of the section.

today i took myself and the dog into the parks for a lunch time walk


the dog is always too busy exploring the parks to be photographed!

the warmth on my back was divine

we strolled in an

amble dawdle kind of way.


i paused to take recreate a photo i’d taken back in january…

return to left or right

to the left...

at the time i was preparing the artist call out.  knowing how big the area was for the intended art walk we needed to attract artists to work with us to help create our dream.

we didn’t anticipate anne joining us and adding the inspired by woollen woods aspect.  i’m still amazed and thrilled by how much discussion there is on twitter about what’s being made and what has been made.  i love how the knitters and crochetters have not floundered at the thought of the site being open to the public for the entire duration and have embraced it and had needles whirling to create some very beautiful and colourful creations.



standing out

back in january we also didn’t ever imagine that we would be part of a big lunch extras regional roadshow event.  when we sat down for coffee with christine from big lunch extras little did i know that what i told her about the art walk would inspire her to bring part of her midlands event to belper.  the ironic thing being that before christmas she’d asked me for ideas of where to hold an event and i suggested the area of nottingham where the couple we’d met at the eden camp heralded from.  the roadshow will be in both places.


waiting for ...



wow ! i realise tonight that in a month’s time we’ll have set up the exhibits and be celebrating in musical styleee.

i’m looking forward to the submission deadline as we’ll know for certain what might be blossoming come the time when the art walk goes live….


in belper parks

progress and teasers

we all met last saturday for a quick progress meeting at the site of here and there.  it was a beautiful sunny day with a light breeze and we all hoped that we have similar weather in may.  anne brought along a few of the many already donated knitted creations for the inspired by woollen woods aspect of the art walk and seeing the colour against the trees was really eye catching.  seeing the creations within the trees inspired many discussions including some ideas for how the many works might be displayed.

in belper parks



on twitter theres quite a buzz about the event … here’s some of the recent tweets …


there’s still time to make an artist submission or to contribute something knitted or crocheted inspired by nature.

trying out new ideas

the art walk is providing space to try out new ideas.  as well as some enquiries about how many deer still live in the parks and wether there’s a body of water running through the site suitable for colour rendering we’re still very much open for new ideas to be tried out in the art walk.

walking around the site gets the synapses going for sure.  as well as really large installations i’ve also been considering small intimate installations only a few inches tall.  these taking my investigation of the intimate further forward.

i’ve started to wonder if there’s a new body of work connected to dog walkers and the relationship to their dogs and their leads.  i’ve started exploring the possibility of the dog lead as a part of a multiple site installation within the art walk.

it’s all very exciting and the call out is still open and waiting for submissions wanting to try out new ideas.

knitting a whirlwind

there’s quite a buzz on twitter at the moment amongst the knitters and at the centre of it is the whirlwind wonder knitter anne clark.

finger and thumb with path

the word is spreading : here and there

when we set up the project we didn’t anticipate the marvellous anne clark rocking up to the january peer to peer meeting and suggesting a connection to the woollen woods idea by voluntary arts.  since that meeting anne has been spreading the word via social media about the opportunity for knitters/crocheters and felters to join in with the art walk project.

more details of this part of the opportunity can be found at

the deadline for the artist opportunity is 29th april and more details about that are at


we’ve listed the project in the discovery days walking festival programme and the belper arts festival programme.  it’s also featured on the inspired by woollen woods website and has been acknowledged by the uk hand knitting association.


if you’re interested in being part of the project and would like to see the site before submitting we’ve organised an informal site meeting for saturday 11th april at 2pm.  if you’re unable to get to the parks that day but still would like to know a bit more about the site, please feel free to contact andrew via the form below.